over the shoulder view of construction worker looking at a set of blueprintsWe know, millennials are entitled and they don’t understand the value of honest work. This might be why there’s a decline of millennials in skilled trades, millennials don’t want to work. Still, there are millennials in construction, which means it’s important to understand how to work with them. If not, the decline in construction workers will continue and this can lead to bad news for the construction industry workforce as a whole.


Why Millennials Quit Jobs

So, you’ve got a few millennials on your jobsite and you just don’t know how to work with them. You know you need these kids to get the job done, there’s just no escaping some millennials in skilled trades. Still, if you’re not giving them the working conditions they’re looking for, they’ll quit and work somewhere else. Here are big reasons millennials quit their jobs:

  • They’re not challenged enough
  • They don’t feel valued
  • They don’t see potential for growth
  • They don’t like their work/life balance

We know, these can seem like some pretty ridiculous reasons to quit a job. But it happens, millennials don’t want to work at places that don’t make them feel valued or like they’re doing something productive. So how can you keep these kids on your team?


How to Keep Millennials in Construction

As the largest workforce, yes even surpassing Baby Boomers in numbers, you’re going to need millennials on your team if you don’t already have a few. So, how do you keep millennials in construction? Here are some tips for keeping millennials happy at work in construction:

  • Give them opportunities for growth, like construction training
  • Give benchmarks and feedback so they know how they’re doing
  • Let them participate in discussions or share ideas about the job or company
  • Consider making hours flexible, but only if the job can still get done


Their generation has a lot of different values, but they can be great employees in the construction industry. Working with millennials isn’t impossible. If they feel like a part of the team, they’ll give their all and help in any way they can.