Safety checklist

Emergencies happen, and they can be catastrophic if proper planning is not used. At The Safety Group, we know the right features for an effective emergency action plan. If you’re concerned with improving site safety through construction risk mitigation in New York, consider these tips for developing your emergency response plan.

Emergency Action Plan Checklist

When forming an emergency response plan, make sure to include key features. Follow our emergency action plan checklist:

  • Determine who is in charge in the event of an emergency
  • Set up contact instructions, such as a call person
  • Establish a chain of command
  • Include fire safety plans
  • Plan for any and all emergencies
  • Keep a first aid kit nearby
  • Include evacuation plans
  • Include plans for shutdown of equipment when necessary

An on site safety manager can assist in in developing an emergency action plan. Our construction safety group can help with training and safety consulting to ensure your site is as safe as possible.

Developing an emergency action plan can help bring peace of mind in knowing that the site, employees, and safety are all accounted for in the event of an emergency. As with fire evacuation procedures in the workplace, an emergency action plan is something you never want to put to use. It’s something that you’ll be thankful to have, should the need arise. For further assistance in developing an emergency plan, contact our construction safety group today.