Team formulates a safety plan. The Safety Group can help with the development of safety plans.

The development of an emergency safety plan is a vital aspect of full safety planning. At The Safety Group, we offer safety management services in New York to assist with the planning and implementation of emergency response procedures. Whether you are seeking plans for your construction site or completed project, it is crucial to implement the necessary features for a plan. Ideally, you will never need to utilize this safety plan. Still, being prepared is key when it comes to safety.

Forming an Emergency Safety Plan

The New York City Fire Department has specific requirements for buildings of varying levels, and our team can help formulate the plan that fits your building’s needs. The Fire Department takes building size, number of rooms, and number of floors into consideration when designating the requirements of your safety plan.

In general, there are a variety of features which are common requirements for buildings of all sizes. At The Safety Group, our experts are fully prepared to implement the proper safety management services in New York for your building type. This includes developing both fire safety and emergency safety plans. The NYC Fire Department requires emergency plans to include:

  • Semi-annual fire drills
  • Annual emergency plan drills
  • Safety training for all building employees

We offer safety planning and the required training to meet NYC Fire Department safety requirements. We are a full-service solution for your safety planning and implementation needs. This includes safety planning for completed projects, and construction safety consulting in New York. In addition to meeting all Fire Department safety requirements, we can assist with the development of OSHA-approved emergency action checklists.

OSHA Safety Planning

OSHA has a variety of suggestions for emergency action plans for buildings of all sizes. Some of the features compliment those required by the NYC Fire Department. OSHA has an Emergency Action Plan Checklist that can assist in the development and implementation of such a plan.  Contact our team at The Safety Group for further assistance with evacuation plans, fire safety plans, educational resources, and construction safety consulting in New York.