construction worker

Construction workers build our future – they build roads, schools, community centers, corporate building, and so much more. There are so many possibilities to further their career later down the line if they wish to as well. But first, you need to become a construction worker as long as you have the will and commitment necessary to see it through.

Education and Training

The first requirement you need become a construction worker is education and training at a college, university or vocational school. Some positions in the industry only require a few training courses or certifications. If you would like to advance in the field as a site safety manager or an engineer, additional education is required, often more rigorous since it’s usually related to the management and safety of everyone on and around a construction site.

Paid Apprenticeship

Once you have completed a degree through a trade school or university with the proper training and certification, many wish to continue through a paid apprenticeship. A paid apprenticeship is usually a five-year period where construction workers are assigned specific jobs on construction sites. During this time, they may also be more training and additional courses involved, depending on where you apply to become a construction worker. Several groups such as unions and contractor associations sponsor apprenticeships.1

Information to Know About Becoming a Construction Worker

One of the most important things to know about becoming a construction worker is the age requirement. The age at which one can begin training is 18 and only then can you start applying to job sites. Although, if you wish to obtain an apprenticeship with a construction job, you can apply with a high school diploma. This is not required but it is preferred.

Workers who will be removing hazardous material need to have the proper training and certification. The NYC Department of Building courses are designed to review the safety standards set for construction sites. The Safety Group offers proper training necessary for construction professionals in New York City.

If you are thinking about becoming a construction worker, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do you enjoy heavy lifting?
  • Are you in the physical shape to carry out labor-intensive tasks?
  • How is your hand-eye coordination?
  • Do you enjoy working outdoors in all seasons?
  • Are you afraid of heights?

Once you have run through those questions and still wish to become a construction worker, contact us today for more information regarding our training courses and certifications so you can be on track toward a career in the industry.