Safety manager at a construction site.

Construction sites are riddled with dangers, and an on site safety manager makes sure things stay safe. At The Safety Group, we provide training for site safety managers to ensure that all responsibilities are met. So, what exactly are safety manager duties and responsibilities? Below are some common duties of an on site safety manager.

What Does a Health and Safety Manager Do?

There are many daily and weekly responsibilities of a site safety manager. As an on site safety manager, you’re there to ensure that the workers and visitors to your site are protected from potential dangers. You also work to ensure that all workers are meeting proper construction safety job requirements. Responsibilities include:

  • Developing and implementing site safety plans
  • Recognizing and addressing potential hazards
  • Ensuring all workers are up to date with training
  • Monitoring the site for hazardous conditions
  • Performing routine checks to ensure equipment is working properly

There are many requirements and components to consider when performing the duties of an on site safety manager. With our safety manager training, you can receive the education and certification you need to excel as a site safety manager.

There are many safety manager duties and responsibilities, and meeting these expectations starts by getting the right safety manager training. Contact us today to learn more!