Whether you are meeting certification requirements for classes or simply improving your resume, we can help. At The Safety Group Ltd., we offer a training division that specializes in providing health and safety certification programs to reduce occupation errors and promote improved safety on the jobsite. Training is available to meet state or city requirements, along with general training programs for individual improvement. Safety training certifications can improve resumes, resulting in greater employment flexibility. Safety certifications also help to lower insurance premiums, reduce site injuries, and improve the overall safety of working environments.

Our opportunities for safety training include OSHA classes, Department of Building required training, first aid, emergency planning, fire courses, and safety certification programs in New York in Philadelphia. Our construction safety group provides a wide variety of courses. We have been accredited by The International Association for Continuing Education and Training as an Authorized Provider of educational resources, setting our construction safety group and training services apart as top choices.


Which Certification Courses Do I Need in NYC?

The safety certification requirements vary depending on state, city, and local authorities. In NYC, for example, updated safety requirements have been enacted to place greater responsibility on individual employees for increased safety training. At minimum, construction workers must have certification to show that they have completed an OSHA 10 Class. For workers at sites requiring a Site Safety Plan, an OSHA 40 certification is required.

At The Safety Group Ltd., we offer these and many other safety certification programs in New York. The NYC Department of Buildings has various timeframes for rolling out new training requirements, but currently, all employees must have the OSHA 10-hour minimum certification. As time goes on, failure to comply with these requirements can result in permit holders being fined up to $5,000 per untrained worker, so ensuring all workers meet all certifications is crucial.


Which Certification Courses Do I Need in Philadelphia?

In Philadelphia, the OSHA 10 certification is a requirement for all workers involved in projects with permits. In addition to applying to construction employees, this OSHA 10 requirement also applies to:

  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Fire Suppression Contractors
  • Warm-Air Contractors
  • State Registered Home Improvement Contractors


Additionally, OSHA 30 Safety Training will be required for workers licensed under Section 9-1004. Proof of safety training, such as certification from our construction safety group, will be required for all contractor license renewals and applications.


Why Choose In-Person Training?

There are a variety of options for safety certification programs in New York and Philadelphia, and in-person training can provide the right mix of education and communication for effective training. Our safety training courses are taught by certified professionals to meet all requirements. We work actively with government agencies and nonprofits to help defer training costs.

In addition to meeting all governmental requirements, safety training courses can help to reduce insurance premiums, standardize working practice, improve safety, and improve quality control.

Below, you will see a listing of our training courses offered by our construction safety group. Click on any of the classes/courses to be redirected to your training website where you can get detailed information on each option.


We offer a wide variety of safety classes and courses in New York and Philadelphia, including:

OSHA Courses

These courses are for construction professionals that are working on multiple trade sites that are required to follow OSHA regulations. OSHA courses identify and review construction safety requirements mandated by OSHA for Employers and Employees.

Dept. of Building Courses

These courses target construction professionals working on Construction sites in NYC. DOB courses review DOB safety requirements as promulgated by Building Code Chapter 33.

Fire Safety/Emergency Preparedness/
Life Safety Classes

Our Fire Safety courses target Construction and Security professionals required to enforce and perform FDNY task in relation to fire safety. Our Life Safety courses target individuals seeking to secure First Aid/AED certification.

Environmental Classes

These courses target individuals interested in performing environmental task that may be regulated EPA, DOL and DEP. The Course review Regulations, Safety Requirements & Best Practices for all environmental related tasks.

Security Guard Training Courses

These courses provide Security Guard Initial and Annual certification for Security Professionals.