There are many professionals that are required to enroll in safety certification programs for their job. Different industries involve and require their employees to complete programs that ensure safety in the respective field of work. The Safety Group Ltd. offers a training division that specializes in providing health and safety certification programs to reduce occupational errors and promote protective measures on the jobsite. From the construction industry to the security industry, here are the important training courses you should be aware of before starting a new job.

OSHA Courses

These courses are for construction professionals that are working on multiple trade sites that are required to follow OSHA regulations. OSHA courses identify and review construction safety requirements mandated by OSHA for Employers and Employees. A construction job requires unique training courses such as confined spaces, fall prevention programs, and disaster site programs.

Fire Safety/Emergency Preparedness/Life Safety Classes

Fire Safety courses target construction and security professionals required to enforce and perform necessary tasks in relation to fire safety. Life safety courses are for individuals seeking to secure First Aid/AED certification.

Environmental Courses

These courses target individuals who perform environmental tasks as a part of their job that may be regulated by the EPA, DOL and DEP. Many of these courses review regulations, safety requirements and best practices for all environmental related tasks that a job would entail.

Security Guard Training Courses

These training programs provide security guard initial and annual certification that must be met for all security professionals. This training details the various work tasks associated with a security guard job.

It’s important to become aware of the different certification training programs out there because you may be required to take one for your occupation. The Safety Group offers multiple training courses for various industries. Contact us today to get started!