Construction site. Contact The Safety Group for construction safety management.

Risks may be a part of all construction projects, but these risks do not have to be so dangerous or frequent. With proper planning, many risks can be seen in advance, and they can be avoided. At The Safety Group, we provide expertise in the field of construction risk mitigation in New York. We can provide the necessary education, planning, and guidance for successful risk mitigation. Construction sites do not need to be so dangerous, proper risk mitigation and safety management can help.

Train Workers for Safer Construction

A well-informed construction worker will understand the proper approaches to site safety. At The Safety Group, we offer educational programs to assist with construction and occupational risk mitigation in New York. This includes a variety of training programs and classes, such as:

  • OSHA Courses
  • Dept of Building Courses
  • Fire Safety and Emergency Preparedness
  • Environmental Classes
  • Security Guard Training

In addition to ensuring all employees complete the required courses, it’s also vital to ensure that the on-site safety manager stays on top of developments in safety requirements. For example, recent NYC safety requirements have updated to include 10-55 hour safety classes and training for the majority of construction workers.

Identify Risks Ahead of Time

Proper planning is another important element of construction risk mitigation in New York. Our risk mitigation specialists at The Safety Group can assist with identification and prevention of possible site hazards. With years of experience in construction and occupational risk mitigation in New York, we understand the possible hazards your site may harbor. We are fully equipped to develop comprehensive safety plans for sites of all sizes.

Call the Professionals

If you are searching for comprehensive risk mitigation for your site and employees, contact our experts at The Safety Group. We offer training, safety planning, and special assistance for on-site safety managers. Call today to learn how we can help with your safety planning.