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Working in Fire Protection is a serious matter as it focuses on the safety of people and property from flames, smoke, explosions, and similar high-risk situations. Careers in Fire Protection include firefighting, fire inspection, fire investigation, forest fire inspection, forest fire-prevention, and fire prevention and protection engineering. However, of all the fire protection careers, firefighting, fire inspection, and fire prevention and protection engineering are the most popular. The risk management and fire safety consultants of The Safety Group focus on the average salary of three main fire safety careers.

Average Salary of Firefighters and Job Description

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average salary of firefighters was $49,620 per year (or $23.85 per hour) as of 2018.[1] The BLS also reported that there will be a 5% increase in firefighters in the U.S. by 2028.

Besides putting out fires as their main responsibility, firefighters are also frequently dispatched to accident scenes and perform emergency medical procedures and rescues. Additionally, there are firefighters who specialize in cleaning hazardous material from accidents, while others focus on fighting forest fires. Institutions that employ firefighters include city or town governments, airports, industrial sites, and chemical facilities.

Average Salary of Fire Inspectors and Job Description

If you’re looking to earn a higher average salary of three main fire safety careers, consider becoming a fire inspector. The BLS reported the average salary of fire inspectors was $60,200 per year (or $28.94 per hour) as of 2018 and the profession is to experience an 8% increase by 2028.[2]

A fire inspector’s responsibility is to ensure public buildings and businesses comply with government fire codes. Right after a fire breaks out, the fire inspector’s job is to interview and collect evidence to figure out the cause. Forest fire inspectors and prevention specialists are stationed in high towers to watch for fires and alert firefighters in the event of a fire. They also supervise the behaviors of those traveling through forests to ensure fire safety.

Average Salary of Fire Prevention and Protection Engineers

Fire prevention and protection engineers, also known as health and safety engineers, earn an average salary of $89,130 per year (or $42.85 per hour) as of 2018,[3] as reported by the BLS. It has also been predicted there will be a %5 increase in the profession by 2028.

Fire protection engineer jobs entail the design of fire detection systems, innovate fire prevention methodologies, and perform research. Along with architectural and construction personnel, they also assess whether buildings comply with fire safety regulations.


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