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Nowadays, “innovation” is a trendy word used by professionals and companies to set themselves apart from their competition. Though it’s a popular word to gain business from prospective clients and customers, many struggle to actually innovate as it also involves taking risks. In construction risk management, your career is filled with risks as you take on major construction projects, however, you can work these risks to your advantage. Our construction safety team at The Safety Group share more about taking risks to innovate in construction project management.

Adopt New Technologies

Innovation doesn’t happen overnight; it’s a process AND a commitment to discover new avenues and welcoming the journey to improvement. In modern business, technology is one of the main channels for innovation, yet some companies find it difficult to keep up, leaving them unprepared to grow.

Taking risks to innovate in construction project management can include the use of a new construction AI software to identify potential safety risks or automating a punch list to simplify the project management process. Companies can also incorporate cloud-based technologies in project management strategies and techniques to give yourself and the team quick access to data from anywhere at any time. Investing in new technologies for construction project management can make a huge impact on the way action items are communicated and met to help your team stay on schedule.

Growing Your Company & Your Team

Construction project managers who are reluctant to change are least likely to see their company grow. Taking risks to innovate in construction project management can also help build leadership skills and confidence that may lead to opportunities. Risk-taking gives you lessons to learn from and using that knowledge helps to improve your career and provides more opportunities for organizational growth.

Expanding your company’s services can also introduce new opportunities within the construction industry. Of course, there will be a learning curve when providing new services for a new group of clients, but breaking the boundaries of a new market will provide experience and new skills.

Paving the Way in Construction Project Management

When starting a career in construction project management, it can be daunting to find innovative ways to kickstart your career. A good steppingstone toward becoming a construction project manager is working closely with a general contractor before taking on project management. You’ll learn the day-to-day operations a general contractor oversees, giving you a better understanding of the job. Also, consider working for a big firm or on big projects that will introduce you to an array of stakeholders – giving you the credentials you’re looking for.


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