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Common Jobsite Dangers and How to Avoid Them

construction worker

Construction jobsites are full of potential dangers, and mitigating the potential for risk can save lives. At The Safety Group, we are professionals when it comes to protecting construction site safety. We provide training, certifications, and construction site safety management in New York and Philadelphia. Here are common jobsite dangers and steps to take in…

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What Makes a Good Emergency Safety Plan?

Team formulates a safety plan. The Safety Group can help with the development of safety plans.

The development of an emergency safety plan is a vital aspect of full safety planning. At The Safety Group, we offer safety management services in New York to assist with the planning and implementation of emergency response procedures. Whether you are seeking plans for your construction site or completed project, it is crucial to implement…

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How to Develop a Construction Safety Plan

Safety in the construction industry is extremely crucial and it’s a serious matter on the jobsite. Being a high-risk profession, there are rules and guidelines that must be carefully developed in order to create a construction safety plan. There are plenty of different aspects safety managers must consider when it comes to developing a safety…

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