rows of construction hats

The demand for construction workers is growing in many states, and construction growth by state shows no signs of slowing for many growing areas. At The Safety Group, we offer construction industry training, OSHA training, and NYC DOB training. As educational and safety compliance leaders in the construction industry, we stay on top of industry trends, including the growing need for construction workers in several states. We’re sharing our list of states with the most construction jobs.

States with High Demand for Construction Workers

When considering construction growth by state, most people are looking to find out which states have the highest demand for construction jobs. These are states with a growing number of construction jobs needing workers, with growth continuing through 2019 and into 2020. States with the most construction jobs include1:

  • California with 658,360 construction jobs
  • Texas with 629,030 construction jobs
  • Florida with 393,030 construction jobs
  • New York with 346,320 construction jobs
  • Pennsylvania with 221,610 construction jobs

These states have the highest number of construction jobs in 2018, and many have been on steady growth for the past several years. For example, California boasted 622,290 construction jobs in 20172, but in 2018 that number grew to 658,360.

States with a growing number of construction jobs are seeing this growth due to several factors, such as demand for more housing or industry growth that requires additional buildings. Some of the projects are also more infrastructure focused with a growth in construction worker demand for highway improvements or other projects.

States with Highest Paying Construction Salaries

The states with high demand for construction workers are not necessarily the best states for construction workers if you’re considering pay. Some of the best states for construction jobs are ones that may not have record-breaking demand, but they do pay the highest wages for workers. Some of the states with the highest paying construction jobs include1:

  • Hawaii, with $68,730 annual wage
  • Illinois, with $67,050 annual wage
  • Alaska, with $65,750 annual wage
  • New York, with $64,770 annual wage
  • Massachusetts, with $63,700 annual wage

Some of these states with the highest paying construction job wages do face another challenge, as the demand for workers is far lower than other states. Additional training, such as environmental or fire safety training, can help workers boast higher salaries.