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According to a 2017 study by OSHA, 20.7% of laborer fatalities in private industry were in construction. [1] There are plenty of elements on a construction site that can put workers’ safety at risk, however, there are just as many safety measures that can be put in place as a construction manager. Our construction management team at The Safety Group discusses site safety tips.

Hold a Safety Training Class

One of the site safety tips that can mitigate risk is holding a safety training class. Since the risk of safety is prevalent in construction work, it’s crucial to educate laborers on how to keep themselves and others on the site safe. Such a class will give everyone on the site the chance to evaluate and address potential risks and will greatly minimize the chances of injuries and fatalities, thus creating a safer construction site.

Electrical Safety

With 7.3% of construction fatalities caused by electrocution, [1] it’s imperative to incorporate electrical safety in construction safety training. As one of the top safety hazards on a construction site, using power and electrical transformers is especially dangerous with the use of flexible extension cords and tangled power cables in wet environments.

Implement construction site rules and regulations to ensure electrical safety such as grounding all lines and making sure all electrical equipment is properly insulated with sleeves. Also, all electrical products must be UL-approved with strain relief and a three-pronged grounding plug for safe usage.

Apply Strict Security and Safety Protocols

Access to the construction site should only be limited to personnel to guarantee the protection of large equipment and machinery from theft and damage. While there’s work-in-progress, ensuring the safety of passersby’s from potential hazards involves strict supervision. Authorized visitors should be the only ones permitted on site and strict construction sites and rules and regulations should be enforced to safeguard contractors from liabilities, security breaches, and lawsuits due to disregard for safety.

Display Legible Signage

Signs with safety protocols must be legible and displayed clearly throughout the construction site. Each sign must also have a 24-hour emergency number printed, as well as a map that directs you to the office. The signage should also mark where fire extinguishers, first aid, and emergency exits are located.

Distribute Personal Protective Gear

Construction companies are required to distribute protective gear to the construction staff. This should include safety harnesses, safety goggles, head protection gear, sound-blocking earmuffs, etc. Such gear will help minimize injuries and fatalities on the job.

Using these site safety tips will give you a good idea of how to keep yourself and other workers safe on site. If you’d like to learn more about safety tips for construction sites, feel free to contact a construction safety consultant on our team today!



[1] Occupational Safety and Health Administration – Commonly Used Statistics