smart watch on wrist in the cityThere are many jobsite dangers that can be difficult to measure with traditional resources. But with new wearable tech, like smartwatches and fitness trackers, site safety managers can better identify and mitigate construction hazards. Recently, IBM has partnered with top companies to better monitor working conditions in hazardous environments with the use of wearable tech.


How Does Wearable Tech Improve Construction Safety?

Wearable technology can track a wide range of data, such as heart rate, body temperature, and other biometric data. There are also wearable tech pieces that can track the environment a worker is within, collecting data such as noise, humidity, temperature, and even toxic gas levels.1

By tracking important employee and environmental data, wearable technology improves construction safety by helping safety managers understand common jobsite dangers. The data collected will help site safety managers develop plans to reduce common construction hazards and improve overall safety.


Improving Construction Safety

Site safety managers can’t be everywhere at once, and monitoring jobsite dangers can be a task within itself. Wearable technology can help site safety managers better identify and address potential jobsite dangers for a safer site.

By providing data that combines environmental reporting and data about employee health overall, such as heart rate, new technology will help safety managers identify the connection between certain jobsite dangers and their effect on workers. The connected information also helps managers identify dangers they might not have recognized without the new reporting, helping to improve overall jobsite safety.

By collaborating with top tech companies, IBM is hoping to make construction sites much safer. Data from new technologies will help site safety mangers identify risks on the site that may be difficult to otherwise identify, such as temperature changes throughout the site or dangerous levels of certain chemicals in the air.


Training for Workers and Site Safety Managers

At The Safety Group, we’re committed to helping ensure the safety of every construction site. We offer construction safety training services and construction safety consulting. We can train on site safety managers in the right protocol for improving site safety, including OSHA training. We also offer construction safety consulting services in which our experts can develop a custom site safety plan. Contact our site safety experts today to learn more!



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