While many elements of occupational risk mitigation apply to the construction field, the unique dangers of construction settings result in the need for additional precautions. At The Safety Group LTD, we provide comprehensive construction risk mitigation in New York and Philadelphia. Construction sites are filled with occupational hazards including standing water, heavy equipment, dangerous machinery, and height hazards. Routine assessments are crucial for promoting safety in these conditions to curtail the dangers of these and other hazards.

Effective construction risk mitigation and management is an art which combines safety and proper planning. At The Safety Group LTD, we offer optimal construction risk mitigation and management for your site. Construction risk mitigation includes development and administration of:

Loss Control
Includes the loss of a project or opportunity to a competitor

Site Safety Plans
Being cautious of safety regulations is a serious matter in construction, especially for those on the job site. This includes fire safety plans and other emergency response planning.

Equipment Inspection Protocol
A safety consultant in New York regularly inspects equipment ensuring it meets protocol and secures construction sites to protect equipment and the public when workers are not present.

Safety Training
We ensure employees are trained as necessary in more than just tower climbing, CPR, first aid, and other rescue techniques.

OSHA Training Courses
Occupational Safety and Health Administration requires employers to provide training to workers who face hazards on the job. Our safety consultant in New York provides the training materials, requirements, and resources for OSHA training.

Owner Controlled Insurance Program (OCIP) and Contractor Control Insurance Program (CCIP) Advice
Assistance in these “wrap ups”, such as help with costs, coverage terms and conditions, claims processes, loss prevention, and more. A safety consultant in New York provides advice on these policies in which all participants involved in the building project are covered by a single policy.

These are some components which are crucial to risk management at the construction site. Our team at The Safety Group LTD can develop a customized safety plan for your site, taking all factors into consideration. Proper planning and safety strategy are crucial for keeping your site as safe as possible. We offer all levels of site safety planning to help promote the safety of your site.

If you are overdue for construction risk mitigation refreshers or development, it’s time to get some professional assistance. Contact our safety professionals at The Safety Group LTD for effective risk management services. We promote jobsite safety and occupational safety with our comprehensive safety procedures. Our additional risk management training services help ensure all employees understand the right safety protocols. Contact us today to get started on your safety and risk mitigation!