Safety Services in NYC & Philadelphia

Trust the safety experts. The Safety Group Ltd. (TSG) is an industry leader in occupational risk mitigation and compliance in the construction and energy industries. We offer many services that include the implementation of emergency preparedness action plans, risk management and loss prevention, and construction safety plans and programs. Overall, the goal of The Safety Group Ltd.’s strategies and services are to not only save their clients time and money, but more importantly – to save lives!

Emergency Preparedness

At The Safety Group Ltd., we specialize in supplying all fire safety and emergency action plans needed for office buildings and hotels in New York City and Philadelphia. Our emergency preparedness services work to ensure that proper procedures are put in place to save lives during an unexpected event.

The Safety Group Ltd. provides ongoing services that include establishing the Fire Safety Program and:

  • The Safety Group conducts drills in office buildings and hotels, on a subscription basis.
  • Combined Fire and Non-Fire Emergency Drills
  • Logbooks and adherence to logbook requirements
  • Pre-test preparation for Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan onsite tests
  • Periodic site visits to ensure the building is compliant.

Risk Management

Our risk management services division provides a comprehensive approach to the construction industry with corporate risk assessment and loss control. The Safety Group Ltd. also works on behalf of the owner, developer, or insurer to perform third-party inspections of jobsites in New York and Philadelphia. Regular inspections from our veteran professionals can help expose any potential on-site issues before they become a serious problem. Workplace incidents and insurance premiums can decline by being proactive in terms of safety. The chances of a jobsite being shut down by the Department of Buildings for a violation are greatly minimized with our risk management services in New York and Philadelphia.

Construction Safety

The Safety Division of TSG serves the areas of construction safety, fire safety, oil drilling safety, and emergency preparedness across the United States and will include training programs in all these areas. The Safety Group Ltd. specializes in providing site safety services to major construction projects by staffing licensed site safety managers and construction fire safety managers on construction sites, conducting safety audits and inspections, and developing and filing site safety plans, health and safety plans, and other construction-related plans. The Safety Group Ltd is the premier construction safety company in New York City.