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Security Guard Training Courses

Security professionals are required to undergo specific training depending on the state they live in and their job requirements. The Safety Group offers Security Guard Initial training courses for all individuals in the New York and Philadelphia area. Our seasoned training professionals also offer annual certification training for security guards. The security industry is constantly evolving and we make sure to update and refresh current security professionals on established procedures and protocols. A security guard license must be renewed annually and The Safety Group is committed to providing the most efficient training for all security professionals.


Efficient Training for Security Professionals


The NYS DCJS requires all licensed security guard trainees to successfully complete a general introductory course and a certification of completion will then be rewarded. On the job training also must completed prior to initial employment as a security guard. The Safety Group offers on the job training that includes learning the responsibilities of being a licensed security guard. This course outlines the various working requirements associated with a security guard job and the main goal of this training is to learn how to improve the safety of others while working on the job.


A security guard works to enhance public safety as well as protect others from potential harmful situations in the surrounding areas. Ensuring the safety of the property, employees, and other residents is what a security guard is trained to do. During training, you will learn the basic security procedures and techniques, reporting methods, and how to handle emergency situations should they arise. A career in the security industry can be extremely rewarding as well as demanding and that is why training is necessary before jumping right into a job.


A security guard trainee must learn specific skills that will ensure the safety and protection of citizens and this can be easily done through training on various security courses. Through the United Safety Academy, the Safety Group provides training for security professionals in the area of pre-assessment, annual refresher certification courses, and on the job training. Our hands-on approach to training ensures that all trainees will be fully prepared to start their fulfilling career in the security industry. Our various activities will allow all individuals to test their newly learned skills and we make sure to set everyone up for success. We make sure that all individuals are ready to take on their job duties with confidence and they can relax knowing how equipped their skills will be.


The Safety Group prides itself in providing thorough and expert training in numerous industries and professions. All students will obtain the proper knowledge needed for their careers and our training courses only prepare them for success. You are one step away from learning what it takes to successfully protect citizens as a security guard. For more information on how to get started with security guard training, contact The Safety Group today! Our efficient training will allow you to start your career on a positive note and our training resources will get you ready to succeed as a security guard.