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Security Guard Training Courses

Walkie talkie on table, part of security guard training

Security professionals are expected to provide a level of safety to the areas they work within, and excelling in this field requires professionals to meet specific license and certification requirements. Depending on the state where a security guard works and their job type, there are unique requirements regarding safety courses. Getting or maintaining a security guard license doesn’t have to be a difficult task. At The Safety Group, we’re here to help with security guard training courses led by industry professionals.

What Training Do Security Guards Need?

The exact training requirements for security guards vary from job to job. For all guards, there are the requirements of being at least 18 years old. Additional requirements may include a high school diploma or equivalent. The exact training security guards need depends on their location of work and the level of security they’re providing. Some states and more complex jobs require all guards to have a license or security guard certification.

At The Safety Group, we offer training for security guards to help those in the security industry meet their specific requirements. Our courses are led by security professionals who can help guards obtain the licensing and certification they need to work in this field.

Security guards need training that prepares them for their field of work, such as courses on proper safety protocol and emergency response planning. The exact requirements will be outlined by the employer. Our security guard training courses include pre-assessment, on-the-job training, and refresher courses to uphold an existing security guard license.

What is Taught in Security Guard Training?

Our team offers Philadelphia and New York safety and training to help individuals from all fields, including those in the security industry. Our expert-led safety training courses offer more than just security guard certification, they provide a comprehensive education on how to preform the job safely and securely. Students of our security guard training courses will learn skills such as:

  • Job best practices
  • Response techniques and tips
  • Common job dangers and how to avoid them
  • State and local law job requirements
  • OSHA safety regulations and rights
  • & More

There are many benefits to taking security guard training courses, including an overall improvement in workforce safety. Our courses ensure that all guards are fully trained, certified, and licensed in their respective levels of employment. Today, there is a considerable amount of pressure placed upon security guards and meeting the ever-changing requirements and expectations can be challenging. But with the right security certification and training, any guard can be their very best. Contact our safety experts today to learn more about our numerous training and safety certification classes.