Tips for safely working with concrete.

Concrete is one of the most ubiquitous construction materials, dating back to Ancient Egyptian and Roman structures. Today, concrete is the backbone of any construction project. At The Safety Group, we understand that working with concrete can be challenging in terms of construction safety. There are precautions that must be taken to ensure safe handling of concrete on construction sites. Here are some construction safety tips for working with concrete from our construction safety group.

Tips for Working with Concrete

OSHA has specific construction safety tips to implement when working with concrete. We offer a variety of safety training courses, including concrete courses, to help ensure safe handling of concrete on construction sites. Here are some specific construction safety tips to keep in mind when working with concrete:

  • Wear protective clothing. Coveralls, full-length pants, alkali-resistant gloves, eye protection, and waterproof boots are all a requirement when working with wet concrete. This way, any contact with wet concrete will not turn into a medical emergency.
  • Use a respirator when dust is present. Cement dust can irritate the eyes, throat, nose, and respiratory system. So when working in a setting where cement dust may be present, wear a respirator to minimize inhalation of the irritating dust.
  • Develop safety systems. Your on site safety manager should help ensure the construction safety of your site. Make sure to develop safety systems to continually check vehicles and machines for safety.

With these construction safety tips, a concrete construction site can be a safe one. For additional safety tips, or for safety training, contact tour construction safety group today.