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Construction sites pose countless dangers on a daily basis. A site safety manager should assess each job site for all the hazards and potential dangers. To protect yourself from these hazards proper PPE, or personal protective equipment, is required. Every piece of PPE is designed to protect you during work. When working on a construction site, proper PPE for a job must be worn at all times. At a minimum, a construction worker should wear the following personal protective equipment while on the job:

Head Equipment

Proper PPE is designed to protect your head if any object or debris from above falls from above. A hard hat must be worn at all times during a construction project, especially as construction sometimes involves knocking structures down.

Hand Protection

Handling hazardous materials or dealing with welding and even wiring equipment must be met with the utmost in proper PPE. Depending on what job you are doing for the day, the appropriate gloves should be worn to protect hands from scratches and more serious injuries like burns. If you are wearing disposable gloves, these must be changed daily and are never to be used to handle chemicals or live wiring. There are different types of gloves depending on the materials you are dealing with, so confirm with your site safety manager to make sure you’re wearing the correct pair of gloves.

Foot Protection

If you do not own a pair of steel toe boots yet, invest in a pair immediately or you may not even be allowed onto a job site. Slip-resistant steel toe boots with electrical protection will help you keep your balance and protect your feet in case of an accident. No site manager will allow you onto a site if you do not have the proper PPE on your feet.

Eye Protection

Sparks when wielding or even small particles in the air can irritate or damage your eyes permanently. Safety goggles must be worn not only when you’re working on a construction site, but if you’re even just walking around on one. In addition to safety goggles, there are also face protectors you can invest in if you are working with hot materials or chemicals.

Body Protection

Long sleeves, highlighter yellow shirts, and long pants are a proper PPE for a construction site. Shirts that make you blend in or shorts on a site can be dangerous. If other workers can’t see you or if your legs are exposed, you risk getting hurt on the job. Depending on what you are working on, there’s other equipment designed to protect your arms, legs, and torso from injuries.


The best way to know what the proper PPE is required for a job is by asking your safety manager or taking an OSHA course. The Safety Group Ltd offers construction site safety services, certifications, and training to prepare construction workers to safely work on a job site. Contact us to find out more.


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