working vehicle in snowstorm

There are many construction site dangers associated with winter weather, including the wind, cold, and snow dangers created by snowstorms. A diligent construction site safety manager can protect jobsites and workers from the dangers created by snowstorms. At The Safety Group, we offer site safety manager training and safety consulting services to help with this and many other aspects of site safety management.

Construction Site Winter Storm Prep Tips

If there’s a storm on its way, a site safety manager can take action to improve site safety management in these extreme weather conditions. Our safety experts share tips on preparing a construction site for a snowstorm and protecting workers from winter weather:

  • Inspect all walking surfaces for ice hazards
  • Ensure all workers wear shoes with grips
  • Provide additional warm wear for workers
  • Limit outside time to prevent overexposure to freezing temperatures
  • Cover vital equipment and tools
  • Ensure everything is held down properly to prevent wind damage
  • Review your site emergency plan

The main goal of snowstorm site prep is to avoid worker injuries and damage to the construction site. The above guidelines can assist in mitigating construction site risk, and additional steps may need to be taken depending on the specifics of the site. Always heed local government warnings regarding storms and proper safety steps.

Safety Training and Consulting Professionals

Preparing a construction site for a snowstorm involves advance planning to reduce the likelihood of site dangers. For additional snowstorm construction safety tips, contact our team at The Safety Group. We offer certifications, licensing training, safety planning, and safety consulting services.