Work boots in the snow

Winter is around the corner – is your construction site ready with the right safety precautions? At The Safety Group, we’re here to help with construction safety consulting in New York. We can assist with development of site safety plans that focus on cold weather construction safety. Wintertime can include many emergencies, weather-related and otherwise. Here are tips from our construction safety group on staying safe during winter construction.

Cold Weather Construction Safety & Emergency Tips

OSHA has outlined many wintertime construction site dangers and outlined their top OSHA winter safety tips to help keep your site safe. When it comes to cold weather construction safety, preparation is key. We offer safety management services in New York to assess and address any potential hazards on your site. Your on site safety manager should also provide daily safety protection for your site by inspecting all potential dangerous elements of your site.

Here are top tips from our construction safety group for your cold weather construction safety. You can prepare your construction site for winter emergencies by taking steps to:

  • Develop a plan ahead of time. The worst time to prepare for an emergency is while it’s imminent. The sooner you develop a plan for staying safe during winter construction and emergencies, the better. We suggest meeting with a group for construction safety in New York to develop your plan before winter is in full-swing.
  • Plan for equipment protection. One of the biggest cold weather threats is damage to construction equipment and tools. Make sure you have formed a plan for safe storage of these crucial tools if inclement weather passes through.
  • Move what can’t be secured. Cranes, scaffolding, and other potentially damaged elements of your site must be moved prior to a wintertime emergency. If a snowstorm is coming through, you may need to lower cranes or even deconstruct scaffolding until the storm passes.
  • Check and double check your secured components. If you’re keeping your scaffolding or other components of your site, make sure they are secure and unable to move. Otherwise, these elements can become dangerous debris during a winter emergency.