Construction in Philadelphia, safety training for safer construction practices.

States, counties, and cities have their own variations of requirements in terms of safety training. At The Safety Group, we are here to help contractors and workers meet all requirements regarding Philadelphia safety training. This includes OSHA classes, site safety planning, and additional personalized services to meet all requirements for occupational risk mitigation in Philadelphia. The Department of Licenses and Inspections is strict in its enforcement of existing requirements, so call on our construction safety group in Philadelphia for the assistance you need in achieving the proper certifications.

What Are the Requirements of Workers in Philadelphia?

All workers and contractors in Philadelphia are required to complete the minimum safety training requirements as defined by The Department of Licenses and Inspections. This Philadelphia safety training requirement includes:

  • OSHA 10 training for all workers
  • OSHA 30 training for all contractors
  • OSHA 30 training for site safety managers

Which Workers Must Meet Philadelphia Safety Training Requirements?

There are specifics that determine which workers fall into the category of requiring training. Our construction safety group in Philadelphia can outline and provide the courses you need. Generally, those who need safety training are:

  • Those performing construction or demolition with permits
  • PA Home Improvement Contractors working on permit projects
  • Contractors licensed under 9-1004
  • Demolition contractors licensed under 9-1008
  • Site safety managers for projects exceeding three stories or 40’ in height

The goal of safety training is to serve as a component of occupational risk mitigation in Philadelphia. The training helps ensure that construction workers, contractors, and demolition workers follow all proper protocol to avoid injury or site damage.

Meeting Safety Requirements

A licensed contractor who is employing any above indicated worker must have written proof that every worker on their site has the proper certifications. For workers, this means employment rests on completing all required Philadelphia safety training. At The Safety Group, we offer all required safety training classes, including: OSHA Courses, fire safety and emergency classes, and environmental classes.

If you are unsure which training courses are required for your type of work, license, or city-specific regulations, our team at The Safety Group can assist with construction safety consulting in Philadelphia. We understand all requirements of workers, site safety managers, and contractors across all projects. We offer the required courses and certifications to meet The Department of License and Inspections regulations.

In addition to safety training and certification, we also provide security guard training, fire safety planning, first aid training, and more. Safety training isn’t just vital in terms of meeting requirements, it can bring considerable savings. According to OSHA, a safety program can save up to $6 for every $1 invested. Safety training programs are a smart investment for site safety and overall savings. Contact us today to get started.