crane in PhiladelphiaEmployers nationwide are required to provide their workers with safe working conditions, and this applies to construction sites as well. The OSH Act of 1970 set standards for safety in the workplace, and The City of Philadelphia has taken things a step further with its own safety requirements in regards to construction workers and sites. We’re exploring Philadelphia safety requirements for construction workers that you may not know about.

Philly Construction Safety Requirements – Site Safety

Site safety is incredibly important for workers. OSHA has specific site safety requirements where “employers have a legal responsibility to provide a safe and healthful workplace,” as explained by OSHA Philadelphia Area Office Director Theresa Downs. 1 This means that site owners and managers are required to minimize dangers including slip hazards, electrical hazards, and equipment hazards. A site safety manager can help reduce workplace dangers by identifying and addressing potential dangers throughout the construction site.

But Philly construction safety isn’t just about a safe construction site, the employees, workers, supervisors and other people on the site must also understand the proper safety practices, and this is where OSHA Philadelphia Safety Training from The Safety Group comes in. All workers must meet certain hours of safety training before they’re able to work on the site, and failure to ensure all workers are fully trained in OSHA requirements can result in steep fines.

Philadelphia Safety Requirements – Worker Training

OSHA has its own requirements for site safety, and the City of Philadelphia has chosen to enact its own safety requirements for all construction, contracting, and other types of work. As of October 1, 2015, Philly has enacted safety requirements.

All contractors and workers in Philly are required to attend basic safety training that provides education on common workplace dangers and best safety practices. There are some specific Philadelphia safety requirements, including:

  • OSHA 10 Safety Training for all Construction or Demolition Workers
  • OSHA 30 for Supervisory Licensed Contractors
  • OSHA 30 Course for Site Safety Managers

Some workers and contractors, such as plumbers, electrical workers, or air apparatus contractors have differing requirements from OSHA and the City of Philadelphia.2 Companies that are found out of compliance, whether it’s through unsafe workplaces or lack of safety training for employees, can face steep fines.

Our Philadelphia construction safety experts at The Safety Group can help you identify your employee and site safety needs along with providing the required training. We’ll ensure everyone is up to OSHA safety speed with our Philly safety training courses and site safety consulting.

Construction Safety Training in Philly from The Safety Group

At The Safety Group, we offer safety consulting services and licensed safety training. Our services include OSHA courses, environmental classes, and Philadelphia fire safety training. Failure to meet Philly construction site safety and training requirements can result in steep fines from OSHA, the city, or the state. But not to worry, our team is here to ensure full safety compliance. Contact us today to learn more about our safety training programs and support.