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The city of Philadelphia has specific requirements in terms of its fire code and fire safety plans. A fire safety plan should be implemented at every construction site to ensure that all workers are safe in the rare event of a fire. There should also be safety plans in place for completed projects. At The Safety Group, we offer construction safety consulting services that include the development of customized fire safety plans in Philadelphia. With the help of our construction safety group, your site will be secured with a reliable fire safety plan.

Construction Site Fire Safety Plan

While most planners and project managers understand the importance of fire safety plans once a building has completed its construction, it’s also important to have a fire safety plan in place during the construction process. This plan should include:

  • Identification and prevention of common fire hazards
  • Safety stations and accessible fire extinguishers
  • Safety training for all workers
  • Accessible points of exit on every level
  • Evacuation plans

Your on-site safety manager should understand all features of the construction site fire safety plan to ensure that all elements are properly implemented. However, the on-site safety manager should not be the only individual familiar with all aspects of your safety plan. Ensure that the entire team knows the ins and outs of the safety plan.

Safety Plans for Completed Buildings

After the project is completed, there are a variety of fire code requirements the building must meet before it passes inspection. The Philadelphia fire code includes many specifications for buildings to meet. Some important requirements include:

  • A single-section smoke alarm on every floor, including basements
  • Evacuation plans
  • Regular fire drills
  • If fire access roads are installed, they must not be obstructed
  • Maintenance of all fire alarm, sprinkler, and standpipe systems
  • Shutoff valves for gas and oil
  • Emergency signs within elevators
  • Proper inspection and maintenance of all safety systems

Implementing the proper features in your building starts by working with our professionals for construction safety consulting. At The Safety Group, we can implement the proper features for fire safety on your site, and within completed structures. Contact us today for construction safety consulting and fire safety plans for your site and building.