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OSHA will receive a $24 million funding increase based on a federal budget agreement passed by the House of Representatives on Tuesday, December 17. The U.S. Senate’s Amendment to H.R. 1865 [1] is one of the two fiscal year 2020 appropriations packages that earmarks $581.8 million for the federal agency, a slight increase from $557.8 in FY 2019 and more than the Trump administration’s appeal of $557.5 million. Included in OSHA’s budget increase for FY 2020 is more than $11.5 million for the Susan Harwood Training Grant Program, which offers training and education for workers and their employers on workplace safety and health hazards, responsibilities, and rights. [2]

The program received a little over $10.5 million this past fiscal year while the Trump administration made attempts to shut down the program and the Chemical Safety Board (CSB) in each of OSHA’s budget. However, Congress rejected the administration’s appeal to phase out CSB, funding another $12 million for the board in FY 2020.

Other important items included in OSHA’s budget increase for 2020 are:

  • Federal enforcement funding to increase between $12.7 million to more than $221.7 million.
  • State programs would receive an increase between $6.2 million to almost $108.6 million.

Additional Details on the Bill

The fiscal year 2020 appropriations package will also merge the Mine Safety and Health Administration’s enforcement of coal and metal/nonmetal mines into “Mine Safety and Health Enforcement.” [1] Both forms of enforcement had a total budget of $254.5 million in FY 2019, and together would be granted $260.5 million in FY 2020. In total, the MSHA will see an increase from $373.8 million to $379.8 million this fiscal year, which is a little more than the Trump administration’s appeal of $376 million.

“Our hard work over the past few months has ensured a bipartisan path forward to complete our FY2020 appropriations process,” said Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) in a press release. “I want to thank my colleagues and urge both sides of the aisle to support these packages for the good of our nation.  These bills include a long list of priorities that will benefit people across the country.  This is what the American people deserve – for us to fulfill our primary responsibility – funding the government.” [3]

The bill has been moved to the Senate for a vote. If approved, it must be signed by President Trump before December 20th to avoid a government shutdown.


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