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As the OSHA training requirements in NYC, Philadelphia, and other cities change, many construction workers and site safety managers need additional site safety training to meet these new OSHA training requirements. New workers and veteran employees must all complete various hours of safety training, including OSHA courses, regarding proper practices alongside environmental health and safety.

OSHA courses identify and review construction safety requirements mandated by OSHA for employers and employees. At The Safety Group, we provide numerous construction safety courses that all individuals can take through our training centers at the United Safety Academy. All courses are taught by seasoned industry professionals and are offered both on-site or at one of our conveniently located training centers.

What is Required OSHA Training?

When it comes to OSHA classes, safety is the name of the game. Site safety managers, workers, and virtually anyone else on site must have their OSHA certification. During OSHA courses, employees are given a strong foundation for safety measures and the prevention of health hazards in the workplace. Our safety consultants offer courses online and in person, covering everything from construction safety to silica awareness. Specific elements included in these safety training courses include required OSHA training, such as:

Another part of all courses include understanding how OSHA inspections are conducted and the proper procedures that need to be in place on all jobsites. Learning how to protect yourself from health hazards in the construction industry is extremely important and necessary in this line of work. OSHA training strives to increase the safety culture so that fewer injuries occur in the future. Learning from past mistakes is a large component during training and a positive way to bring about change.


  • 10-Hour Construction Safety Course
  • 30-Hour Construction Safety Course
  • Silica Awareness Course
  • Confined Spaces Course
  • 24-Hour Ergonomics
  • 24-Hour Excavation, Trenching & Soil Mech
  • 16-Hour 7600 Disaster Site Worker
  • 24-Hour 3110 Fall Arrest System
  • 40-Hour Hazardous Waste Operation
  • 10-Hour OSHA General Industry
  • 30-Hour OSHA General Industry

The specific OSHA safety training requirements may vary from job to job. Additional state and local law requirements create additional certification needs for workers in areas such as NYC, where local laws are changing training needs.

At The Safety Group, we offer many services, including safety management and consulting, in addition to our OSHA courses. We are committed to promoting safety on all sites by helping workers meet the ever-changing requirements of safety certifications. Contact our team today to learn more about our OSHA courses, emergency preparedness services, and general safety consulting services. From safety consulting to forming a custom OSHA required training checklist, we are here to guide you through the entire process.


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