A student learns about online safety training. The Safety Group offers a variety of safety courses and certifications.

As of March 1, 2018, the majority of construction workers within New York City are required to have 10 hours of OSHA safety training. By 2019, the requirement will jump to a minimum of 40 hours of safety training. Many construction professionals and companies are ready to implement these new certification changes now. There are a variety of construction safety companies offering in-person and online safety certification programs in New York. Choosing between the two will depend on your specific certification requirements and training needs. At The Safety Group, we have the right training fit for your needs.

Choosing Online Safety Certification Programs

As of October 16, 2017, online OSHA safety training certification requirements have changed. Actively proctored online training is still an acceptable safety certification program in New York. The NYC Dept of Buildings requires a specific fit for qualification on certification, mainly an online classroom with an active proctor, and proof that the individual has been present for all training. While this means that online training is still a viable safety certification program for NYC, non-proctored online classes will not qualify for the required certifications. Finding construction safety companies with actively proctored online classes can be a challenge.

The Benefits of In-Person Safety Certification Programs

At The Safety Group, we offer a wide variety of in-person safety certification programs for many aspects of the construction industry. Our in-person programs are beneficial over online courses, due in part to the personalized approaches available in an in-person setting. Additionally, our in-person programs promote better information retention and easy clarification of any difficult concepts. Our construction safety company offers a variety of OSHA certification courses, including:

  • 10-Hour Construction Safety Course & General Industry
  • 30-Hour Construction Safety Course & General Industry
  • 2 Hour Silica Awareness Course
  • 4 Hour Silica Awareness Course
  • 8 Hour Silica Awareness Course
  • 8 Hour Confined Spaces
  • 24-Hour Ergonomics
  • 24-Hour Excavation, Trenching & Soil Mech
  • 16-Hour 7600 Disaster Site Worker
  • 24-Hour Respiratory Protection
  • 24-Hour 3110 Fall Arrest System
  • 8-Hour Hazardous Waste Operation
  • 24-Hour Hazardous Waste Operation


Our course offering is the most comprehensive among New York City construction safety companies. Throughout each course, students learn all the proper procedures, requirements, and safety protection steps for every aspect of the job. Contact us today to sign up for your safety certification program.