The rules of the City of New York that pertain to fire safety and emergency preparedness are revised periodically. The Safety Group Ltd. is here to provide you with the latest update, so you can stay on top of the emergency action plans your office building or hotel will need to immediately implement. New York City adopted the International Fire Code in 2008 and implemented it in 2011. The Rules of the City of New York were revised again to adopt the Fire Code of 2014. There are some significant changes for office buildings and hotel codes to be aware of. Having the proper policies and procedures in place in the event of an emergency is so important for the safety of all New York citizens. We can help you reduce risk and danger in any situation.

Changes to the code that impact office buildings and hotels

  • Large hotels must now create, file and gain approval of a new Comprehensive Fire Safety/Emergency Action Plan. Until this code change, hotels only had to file Fire Safety and Evacuation Plan.
  • The Safety Group can prepare and file your hotel’s new plan with accordance to the standards and changes that take place.
  • Hotels and Office Buildings must now include responses to medical emergencies in their plans. Neither Fire Safety nor Emergency Action Plans required this inclusion in the past.
  • The Safety Group can amend your plan to include this provision and any other updates that are required.
  • Emergency preparedness staff must have access to an approved public emergency notification system.
  • The protocol for fire and non-fire emergency drills has changed – Office buildings need to conduct only 2 drills per year. Each drill must cover responses to fire and non-fire emergencies.


The Safety Group Ltd. provides ongoing services that encompass all aspects of emergency preparedness. We establish the Fire Safety Program, as well as conduct drills in office buildings and hotels on a subscription basis. Our team combines Fire and Non-fire emergency drills, logbooks and adherence to logbook requirements, pre-test preparation for Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan onsite tests, and periodic site visits to ensure buildings are complying.

Staying up to date with important updates for emergency action plans in office buildings and hotel codes can seem overwhelming and tedious. You can trust the safety experts at The Safety Group Ltd. to accurately prepare your emergency plan with the correct procedures in place. An office or hotel staff that is well trained and prepared in fire safety procedures will respond quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency. This will ultimately reduce any risk and danger to the occupants of the building and minimize damage to the facility.

The Safety Group Ltd. is in the business of protecting others from potential harm and danger. Our attention to safety saves lives when uncontrollable situations occur. Contact us today to learn more about our emergency preparedness action plans and how we can help your facility maintain compliance. You can trust our safety experts!