cranes on a foggy dayIn March of last year, the NYC construction safety requirements changed to include mandatory OSHA classes and certification training with the Department of Buildings. The training requirements vary from 10, 30, and 40 hours of OSHA courses, along with DOB supplemental classes. At The Safety Group, we understand the new requirements of NYC construction safety and we an assist with meeting these requirements.


New NYC Safety Requirements

The NYC Department of Buildings has set forth some of the most stringent requirements when it comes to New York safety and training when compared to other states. The construction industry in NYC is always going, with new skyscrapers sprouting up, expansion of tunnels, and improvements to the city’s historic older buildings. With so many different pieces to the puzzle, it’s no surprise that the city’s government has put together specific New York City construction safety requirements. These include:

  • OSHA 10 training for new construction workers
  • OSHA 40 training for workers in the field 6 months or longer
  • 10-25 hour additional DOB training by approved programs
  • 100 hour DOB training program
  • OSHA 30 training for supervisors

Local Law 196 has set these requirement with the aim of making workers, supervisors, and NYC site safety managers more knowledgeable in the safety practices that will keep sites, workers, and regular people safe from construction site dangers. New York City is no stranger to construction mishaps, so this increasing push for safety is no surprise.


Penalties for Ignoring NYC DOB Construction Safety Training Requirements

Failing to complete the required DOB and OSHA classes in NYC can result in serious fines. The Dept of Buildings can fine permit holders up to $5,000 per untrained worker. But that’s not all, there can also be an extra civil fine of $2,500 if the permit holder doesn’t keep records to show that all workers on their site are trained.1


Meeting NYC Construction Safety Regulations and Requirements

If you’re looking to update your own training or you need to make sure your team is trained, let our experts at The Safety Group help you out. The experts at our construction safety group know how to get you in shape to meet all of the requirements set forth by Local Law 196 and other NYC DOB site safety requirements.

Failing to meet all OSHA and DOB course requirements can be costly, don’t risk it. Getting certified and ready to work is a simple as contacting our experts at The Safety Group. We offer the OSHA classes, environmental training, and other site safety classes you need to meet New York City’s construction site safety requirements. Contact us today to get started, requirements are changing soon so don’t hesitate to get in line with the city’s training requirements. Act now.




  1. NYC Dept. of Buildings – 2018 Safety Training Requirements