Construction worker on the job site. Construction safety tips are crucial for any site.While OSHA has its own requirements for construction site safety, there are additional steps employees can take to ensure a safe site. The construction industry has the highest number of fatal injuries of any industry, so it is vital to take every safety precaution. Our safety experts at The Safety Group provide construction safety consulting, training, and certifications to meet all federal, state, and city requirements. We’ve put together some top tips for a safer site that your on site safety manger can implement today.

Tips for Construction Safety

From tools to employee conduct and environmental factors, there are many elements to manage for a safe site. Our safety consultants in New York suggest choosing an on site safety manager with a track record of successful site management. All construction site safety managers should be highly trained in all aspects of safety. We offer OSHA and city-specific safety training courses for on site safety managers.

Once you have chosen the right on site safety manager for your project, make sure that your safety manager implements a safety plan. Construction site safety plans should meet OSHA standards. While official site safety plans are thorough, our safety consultants in New York know that there’s more you can do for safety. There are additional ways your team can ensure optimal site safety. Follow the following tips:

  • Use power tools with lower vibrations.
  • Examine every tool before use.
  • Inspect ladders before use.
  • Use gloves when operating forklifts and cranes.
  • Keep proper poster when using tools.
  • Keep scaffolding clean of tools.
  • Wear goggles and applicable protective wear.
  • Lift properly with your knees and not your back.

These tips take safety a step further than the requirements. Proper safety can make all the difference in your site. At The Safety Group, we offer construction safety consulting and training programs for on site safety managers. We can help make your site as safe as possible. Contact us today to learn more.