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New York Safety Training

new york city safety training regulations

Safety training is vital for all construction sites throughout New York. Cities have their own requirement types, with specific requirements for occupational and construction risk mitigation in New York. These requirements include safety training, emergency planning, fire safety planning, construction site safety supervision, and environmental training for NYC. At The Safety Group, we are here to assist in meeting all requirements for training, certification, and occupational risk mitigation in New York. We work with contractors, facility owners, and developers to create safety plans and implement safety training to ensure adherence to all site and training requirements.

Improving Occupational Risk Mitigation in New York

The New York Department of Buildings has specific requirements in terms of occupational risk mitigation techniques, education, and site safety. We offer safety certification programs to ensure all contractors meet the requirements of Local Law 196. Local Law 196 has specific requirements regarding occupational risk mitigation in New York:

  • Workers at many sites must receive 40 hours of safety training
  • Supervisors at many sites must receive 62 hours of safety training
  • Possession of a Site Safety Training Card (SST Card) to authenticate all training
  • Work-specific training, such as scaffolding training

Contractors and supervisors are required to carry an SST Card to indicate their complete training in all requirements for construction risk mitigation in New York. This includes OSHA 10 Version training, OSHA 30 Version, and a 100-Hour Training Program Version. Depending on the type of work being completed, workers will also need additional environmental training in NYC to ensure safe handling of chemicals and waste.

Training for Meeting Occupational Risk Mitigation in New York Requirements

At The Safety Group, we make it easy to meet all requirements for occupational risk mitigation in New York. We provide safety training, environmental courses, and NYC Dept of Building Courses. Our Dept of Building Courses include concrete courses, cranes course, and scaffold courses. The site type, work type, and location all factor into the exact requirements for safety certification. With our safety certification programs in New York, workers, supervisors, and entire teams can meet all NYC occupational risk mitigation requirements.

Occupational Risk Mitigation Tips

  • Get all required safety training, including environmental courses
  • Implement protocol for routine equipment inspection
  • Construct a site safety plan, including emergency plans
  • Review all OSHA requirements
  • Hire an on site safety manager when required
  • Obtain all the required insurance

Safety Training and Consulting

As Local Law 196 continues in its implementation, the requirements of all professionals will be adjusted for higher certifications. We offer safety certification programs in New York to help all employees meet these changing standards. Our courses are designed for meeting all OSHA and NYC Dept of Buildings requirements, allowing for seamless transition into new laws. Obtaining your SST Card begins with receiving the proper training for all environmental, safety, and specialty courses. Contact our safety professionals to learn more.


NYC is now REQUIRING SST cards
on ALL construction sites (local law 196)!

Safety Group Ltd. is an NYC Department of Buildings APPROVED training partner for required SITE SAFETY TRAINING credits!

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