construction training requirements

We’re past the halfway point of 2018, which means one important thing for construction employees: training certifications. 2017’s Local Law 196 has brought new requirements for building construction workers on large construction projects throughout the city. For 2018, this means that all workers must have 10 hours of OSHA safety training. In 2019, this requirement bumps up to 40 hours for many employees. Failure to comply can result in permit holder fines of $5,000 per untrained worker. But not to worry, our team at The Safety Group Ltd. can help with construction safety consulting and training.


New Training Requirements from NYC DOB

The New York City Department of Buildings has new requirements for employee safety training. Most building construction workers are required to have completed at least an OSHA 10 Class, which we offer at The Safety Group Ltd. Additionally, supervisors such as an on site safety manager must receive a minimum of 40 hours of OSHA training for their field.

In 2019, the OSHA training requirements grow even further, with 40 hours of training required for most workers. Supervisors such as on site safety mangers will need to receive a minimum of 60 hours of OSHA safety training by 2019. Luckily, the NYC DOB usually gives workers several months to receive all their necessary training.


The Right Training for the Job

At The Safety Group Ltd., we offer a variety of services, from training to construction safety consulting. Our OSHA training courses meet all NYC DOB requirements, allowing all employees to obtain the proper certifications for their field. In addition to OSHA Training courses and certifications, we also operate a variety of site-specific courses. This includes:

  • Concrete Courses
  • Cranes & Derrick Courses
  • Scaffold Courses
  • Environmental Classes
  • Security Guard Training
  • Fire Safety Courses


Our comprehensive training courses meet all NYC DOB requirements, helping workers achieve the necessary training benchmarks for employment. Additionally, our services help to lower insurance premiums and improve workplace safety. Contact our construction safety consulting team today to learn more about our services and courses.