tired man rubbing eyes, fatigued

Fatigue can happen to anyone, and a fatigued employee will not preform at their very best. In fact, fatigue is one of the first phases of a dangerous workplace. New wearable technology, such as fitness bands and ankle movement trackers, can help employers and site safety managers identify signs of fatigue in workers. Once these signs of fatigue are spotted, the proper interventions, such as a mandated break or posture correction, can be prescribed to help refresh the working environment.

How Wearable Technologies Are Reducing Workplace Injuries

With wearable technologies, researchers were able to identify key areas that show fatigue: ankles, feet, lower back, and eyes.1 For example, as an employee grows fatigued, their gait may change, which will indicate their growing exhaustion. Identifying the precursors of these issues ahead of time can prevent fatigue and help in reducing workplace injuries.

How to Treat Fatigue in the Workplace

Workplace safety is a constant battle that a site safety manager fights to maintain. Keeping a workplace safe involves many aspects of occupational safety and construction safety and treating fatigue can help improve safety. With new wearable technology and predictive algorithms, site safety managers may be able to identify fatigue before it occurs and help workers treat their exhaustion in safe and employee-focused ways.

This new study regarding workplace safety and fatigue is promising for the future of wearable technologies. As advancements are made, we predict that many safety managers will incorporate this fatigue fighting system into their site safety plan. For more guidance regarding the current trends in safety consulting, contact our team at The Safety Group. We offer construction safety consulting, training, site safety plan development, and more.