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Local Law 196 outlines specific training requirements regarding OSHA safety training for construction employees across many specialties. At The Safety Group, we’re committed to helping professionals meet all requirements of Local Law 196. Adjusting to new construction site safety requirements is as simple as taking our safety certification programs in New York.

What Local Law 196 Means for Construction Workers

For construction workers, Local Law 196 means more training. By now, workers have received a minimum of 10 hours of OSHA training, but additional requirements are being phased in. Most workers will also need a Limited Site Safety Training Card, and ultimately a Site Safety Training Card.1

Who needs to get more safety training under Local Law 196?

The law applies to workers and supervisors at construction sites where city regulations call for a site safety manager, safety coordinator, or superintendent. This covers most sites throughout the city. We make it easy to meet all Local Law 196 requirements with our safety certification programs in New York.

Benefits of Local Law 196

While Local Law 196 sounds like more work for construction professionals, the law is focused on improving site safety. Our construction safety consulting experts understand that new laws, rules, and regulations help to keep workers and passersby safe. We recommend calling in our professionals to enhance your construction site safety management in New York. Call us today to schedule your safety certification programs to meet all Local Law 196 requirements.