different colored hard hats lined on a wallConstruction safety gear is designed to reduce the risk of respiratory, skin, eye, head, and hearing injuries. There are many construction site hazards that can be reduced or eliminated with the right gear. Also known as personal protection equipment (PPE), construction safety gear should be worn at all times when workers or everyday people are on the construction site.


Safety Gear List

In your OSHA and environmental training classes, you likely received suggestions on the right PPE to wear when working in construction. The safety gear list provided includes:

  • Hearing protection or ear covers
  • Face shields for cutting or welding
  • Protective gloves
  • Hard hat
  • Reflective clothing
  • Respiratory protection
  • Goggles for chemical splash
  • Fall prevention equipment when working at great heights
  • FR clothing when working in electrical aspects of construction
  • Lifting support when moving heavy items

This safety gear list includes many of the items you’ll need to protect your skin, face, eyes, ears, and respiratory system from dangers like loud noises, chemicals, or irritants in the air. Specific jobs, such as working at great heights or working with live electrical equipment, will require additional safety equipment to help mitigate any risks. PPE for electrical work includes FR clothing, and fall protection equipment is required for workers who are preforming tasks at heights above 6 feet.

Your site safety manager should have an additional PPE list and general clothing list. Certain clothing items are dangerous on the site while others, like specific shoe types, are encouraged. For the exact requirements of your site, check with your safety manger or supervisor.


Staying Safe on the Construction Site

At The Safety Group, our educators and safety consultants are committed to ensuring optimal site safety with safety consulting services. We also offer classes for OSHA certification, NYC DOB training, and more. Contact our team today for more information about our services and courses.

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