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When looking for the best construction jobs, the construction worker salary or hourly wages are always a big consideration in career path choice. At The Safety Group, we offer construction safety training, OSHA certifications, construction safety consulting, and additional construction industry services to assist employees, supervisors, and managers in this field.

We’re exploring 2019 and 2020’s highest paying construction jobs. Many workers chose their field due to interest in the work, but a high construction worker salary can also help make any new job in the field attractive. Here are some of the highest construction job titles and salaries for 2019, 2020, and beyond.

High Paying Construction Jobs and Titles

Some of the best construction jobs are also the highest paying construction jobs. High paying construction job titles and salaries include:

  • Construction Managers, $103,110 average annual salary
  • Construction Supervisors, $70,540 average annual salary
  • Boilermakers, $63,240 average annual salary
  • Electricians, $59,190 average annual salary
  • Construction Equipment Operators, $52,190 average annual salary


The average construction worker salary is approximately $40,350, though additional certifications, experience, and specializations may increase this salary.1 As with many fields of employment, those in management or supervisory roles often boast higher salaries, and specializations bring higher pay as well.

Management is Common for High Paying Construction Jobs

When it comes to the best construction jobs by salary, construction managers boast some of the highest salaries. Construction management can include site safety management in addition to employee management, and all managers are required to meet additional training and certification needs. This can include additional OSHA training, environmental classes, and fire safety construction classes.

At The Safety Group, we offer the necessary safety training for OSHA certification and additional licensing for construction workers, supervisors, managers, and more. Our courses can ensure that all site workers, specialty equipment operators, supervisors, managers, and everyone in between has the proper safety training to minimize site dangers and promote safety. Sites that employ workers of any level who do not have the proper safety training or other OSHA requirements can face steep fines and penalties.

Not to worry, our team is here to help with site safety training, certifications, consulting, and more. Our training at The Safety Group can ensure proper adherence to site safety practices to reduce dangers, lower premiums, and avoid penalties from OSHA or other governing bodies. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to schedule your safety consultation.