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Fire Safety

A fire safety plan is crucial for your site and building.

FDNY has a variety of fire code requirements which must be met during construction and once the project is completed. There are code requirements which are specific to the construction site, and there are also fire plan requirements for completed buildings. At The Safety Group, we provide training for on site safety managers, as well as guidance for the development of fire safety plans for New York buildings and construction sites. Allow our safety experts in New York to assist with the training of on site fire safety managers, the development of fire safety plans, and more. Safety is our priority!

What Does an On Site Fire Safety Manager Do?

Because there are specific FDNY requirements for the fire safety of construction sites, many projects of specific sizes require an on site fire safety manager. An on site fire safety manager works to ensure that all OSHA, FDNY, and NYC Dept of Buildings protocols are honored on the construction site. A fire safety manager can also be integrated to help ensure the building’s fire safety compliance once construction is completed by:

  • Developing fire safety plans
  • Submitting a S-56 Certificate of Fitness
  • Complying with FDNY fire safety codes
  • Training building occupants on best practices

During construction, the fire safety manger will ensure that all construction activities fall within local fire codes. For NYC, this means making sure that:

  • Combustible waste is properly handled
  • Electrical codes are met
  • Open fires are not ignited
  • Combustible liquids are handled in accordance with FC 3406.2
  • Adequate ventilation is utilized
  • No smoking signs are present
  • Welding is performed in accordance with FC Chapter 26
  • Fire safety protocol is met through daily checks

These are just a few of the important fire safety protocols which must be implemented on NYC construction sites of all sizes. Our safety consultants in New York offer training to help ensure that construction sites are compliant with all safety requirements. We can also assist with the development of fire safety plans for New York buildings, so the completed project is up to code.

NYC Building Fire Safety Plans

There are specific FDNY code requirements for buildings of all sizes, types, and residencies. Businesses, educational facilities, factories, storage buildings, and residences all have specific FDNY fire safety plan requirements. The fire safety plan is intended to outline:

  • Evacuation systems
  • Fire prevention and preparedness measures
  • Building information, including construction type
  • Fire alarm systems

Establishing fire safety plans for New York buildings starts by contacting our safety professionals. At The Safety Group, our safety consultants in New York can assist with the development of fire safety plans that meet all code requirements. New buildings or buildings with Alteration Type I are required by the NY Building Code Article 109 to submit a new fire safety plan. Developing, submitting, and receiving approval for a fire safety plan is considerably easier with assistance from our professionals.

Whether you’re looking for construction site fire safety solutions for fire safety plans for completed projects, our safety experts are here to help. We offer construction site fire safety manager training and certification, along with assistance for development of fire safety plans for completed projects.