In 2014, the Fire Department of the City of New York expansively amended the emergency preparedness and the adoption of current fire safety standards for buildings in the city. Significant changes and updates have been made in the areas of reorganization. They eliminated the one-size-fits-all plan, coordination of plan, staffing and communications, elimination of plans for small/storefront occupancies, and the introduction of three levels of plans.

Level 1 emergency preparedness plans, known as comprehensive fire safety/ emergency action plans are required by certain buildings that fall under very specific criteria in New York. These plans are required for most office buildings, large places of assembly (5,000 +), large hotels (>50 rooms above street level), educational occupancies (‘B’ occupancies with 2-way communications), mercantile (high rise mercantile and covered malls >300,000 sq. ft.) The Safety Group Ltd. is fully equipped to design and execute all portions of your building combined plan for the highest level of safety for all occupants.

What does a Comprehensive Fire Safety and Emergency Action Plan Include?

An emergency action plan must comply with New York regulations and standards to be accurate and effective. It’s crucial to have a written plan that clearly states the actions that are necessary to take in response to a fire or non-fire related emergency. This plan must be submitted and accepted by the New York Fire Department. At The Safety Group, we will help you prepare and execute an accurate plan for your office building or hotel.

This Fire Safety plan will include conducting semi-annually fire drills, annual emergency action plan drills, and required training for all building employees. This plan will also post and maintain staffing charts on each building floor in accordance to New York standards. Our highly-trained experts provide clients with training courses in emergency preparedness and fire safety action plans for a New York Level 1 plan. We will also make sure your emergency plan is accurate and up to date with the updates and changes made.

The emergency action plan should clearly display any emergencies that the employer may reasonably expect in the workplace. Of course, there is the unknown, however it’s very important to be overprepared in the event of a serious emergency. Emergencies that all buildings should prepare for include blackouts, bomb threats, sudden explosions, civil disturbances, or a mechanical failure. The list goes on and on and The Safety Group can help you draft up an in-depth written emergency preparedness plan that will address all possible occurrences. Every building is different and the procedures in place should be unique to the building layout, structural features, and emergency systems in place.

The Safety Group designs, submits, and prepares comprehensive fire safety and emergency action plans for any building in need. We have a proven track record for following standard guidelines for all levels to ensure approval and accuracy with the submission.

Contact the experts at The Safety Group Ltd. today to learn more about how we can help design your fire safety and emergency action plans in accordance to the law.