Safety Group FAQ

The Safety Group – Frequently Asked Questions


Does my building need a fire safety plan?

Most office buildings require fire safety plans, as do places where large numbers of people gather. Hotels with over 50 rooms, educational residences, and malls all require fire safety plans.


What is a construction risk management plan?

Construction risk management plans help site planners to see and prevent possible dangers. Our team at The Safety Group LTD can help with development and implementation of a constructional risk management plan.


Do I really need an occupational risk management assessment?

Offices, retail stores, or other businesses all need occupational risk management assessments. There are specific state requirements for the implementation and frequency of these assessments.


What do OSHA training courses include?

OSHA training courses offer a solid foundation for promoting employee safety in the workplace or on the construction site. Many construction sites require workers to complete OSHA training courses. We offer a variety of OSHA training courses.


What Depart of Building courses does New York require?

New York requires training courses for professionals working on construction sites in NYC. Courses include concrete courses, safety courses, scaffold courses, crane courses, and derrick courses. Learn more at our NYC construction courses page.


How can environmental classes help employees?

Certain professions expose employees to environmental hazards. It’s crucial to undergo training to help mitigate the risks of these hazards. Our team offers asbestos training, mold remediation training, and air sampling training. These programs allow for performance of duties without risking your health.