The Safety Group offers numerous training courses specifically for individuals interested in performing environmental tasks that may be regulated by the EPA, DOL, and DEP. These training courses go in depth on specific regulations, safety requirements, and best practices for all environmental tasks. Through the United Safety Academy, our seasoned industry professionals have the proper knowledge and experience needed to lead environmental training courses and they are offered both on-site or at one of our conveniently located training centers in New York City or Philadelphia. Any environmental related job requires the proper training for success and the prevention of hazardous situations. All of our environmental training courses are offered at the technician, handler, and supervisor levels and depending on the job requirements, people will need the completion of different training programs.


Some of the training courses offered through The Safety Group include Lead RRP, asbestos maintenance, mold remediation, blood born pathogens, and air sampling. All of these courses are designed to reduce any environmental risks on the jobsite and maintain federal compliance and regulation. Complying with environmental regulations is so important to the health and safety of a work area and it’s our responsibility to be conscious of our environmental efforts and issues that may arise.


Asbestos Training


During asbestos training, participants will learn about the potential health affects of asbestos and the importance of public protection. There are different levels of training offered from The Safety Group that all handlers, inspectors, project designers, and supervisors will be required to complete. Many of the training courses highlight topics such as personal hygiene, work area preparation, engineering control, personal protective equipment, work practices, and safety hazards. When dealing with asbestos materials, it’s crucial to become aware of the federal guidelines and best practice maintenance techniques.


Mold Remediation Training


All participants will learn the factors that affect mold growth, how to detect mold growth, and the common health problems associated with mold. These training programs go in detail with the interpretation of data and how to manage mold that may be present. Learning how to analyze samples are another component to these training programs and we teach you the proper skills needed for a safe and mold-free environment.


Air Sampling Training


Any individual who perform air sampling activities on the job need to undergo training to learn the proper procedures and regulations associated with these activities. You will learn quality assurance and become familiar with the methodology. You will also learn how to perform inspections and this training is offered through a hands-on approach for all students.


The Safety Group is a proud provider of various training programs for the construction and environmental industries in New York City. It is our duty to provide all clients with relevant and timely information that pertains to their occupation and works in compliance with all environmental standards and regulations. For more information on the different environmental training courses we offer, contact our occupational and risk mitigation company today. Our attention to safety saves lives!


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