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Organizations like OSHA and FDNY have requirements for emergency action plans that are required not only on construction sites, but at any business. Our team at The Safety Group can assist with development of construction site safety plans, and safety plans for completed projects. Generally, site safety management services in New York are left to the on site safety manager, a highly trained individual who must be certified in all OSHA, FDNY, and local required training. At The Safety Group, we offer all the required training and certifications for on site safety managers. This includes OSHA training that assists in the development of emergency action plans.

How to Develop an Emergency Action Plan

OSHA has developed construction and general industry standards which must be met by applicable environments. For construction, this involves the development of a construction site safety plan and an emergency action plan. 29 CFR 1926.35 outlines the requirements of employee emergency action plans. These plans must include:

  • Evacuation plans
  • Critical operations
  • Accounting for employees
  • Rescue and medical responsibilities
  • Emergency reporting

To develop an emergency action plan, you must address each point in depth. Evacuation plans should indicate areas of egress, along with access to these points. Critical operations should address employees who are responsible for shutting off equipment that can become dangerous if not shut off before evacuations are complete. Accounting for employees should include meeting points. Rescue and medical duties should designate if there are medical services in-house, or if employees will rely on paramedics in the event of an emergency. Emergency reporting involves systems to notify all employees and occupants of an emergency. For instances where there are ten employees or fewer, a human voice may suffice. For larger groups or incidents, an airhorn or alarm may be required.

Your emergency action plan should include all the above information to meet OSHA requirements. FDNY and other local organizations may have additional requirements. Our safety experts can ensure that your site meets all requirements through the development of detailed safety plans, emergency response plans, and more.

How to Develop a Construction Site Safety Plan

A construction site safety plan shares some similarities with emergency action plans. The safety plan goes further by implementing hazard prevention. A construction site safety manager is responsible for developing and implementing a construction site safety plan that:

  • Eliminates hazards
  • Troubleshoots dangerous tasks
  • Mitigates fire risk
  • Sees for proper disposal of hazardous materials
  • Ensures employee safety protocol

The development and implementation of construction site safety plans is one of the many required duties on an on site safety manager. At The Safety Group, we provide training, guidance, and certification for on site safety managers. With our programs, on site safety managers can meet all the needs of their site. Learn more about our safety training programs here. Our safety management services in New York are designed to keep your site and project up to all codes and requirements.