When taking our courses on construction risk management, it’s important to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Sometimes, however, we don’t always have time to keep our heads in the books throughout the day. On the other hand, another way to stay up-to-date on the happenings of the industry is by listening to podcasts. Podcasts can provide industry insights and tips while you’re out and about. Our construction education team discusses educational construction podcasts you should listen to for a closer look at the industry.

A Viewpoint on Construction

Never miss a beat about the innovations in the construction industry by listening to A Viewpoint on Construction. [1] As one of the most informative educational construction podcasts out there, the hosts discuss pioneering ideas that are driving the industry forward. Discussions cover all topics from ways to crack down on sexual harassment on the job to the influence of big data business intelligence.

Let’s Fix Construction

Get the 411 on creative solutions to prevalent problems in the construction industry by listening to Let’s Fix Construction. [2] The hosts delve into myths and misconceptions that hold back the industry and talk about facts and popular topics. Such topics include young professionals joining the AEC industry while keeping listeners well-informed on construction-related resources and events every episode.

Mass Construction Show

Listen to risk management and technology current events with a “Massachusetts twist” with the hosts of Mass Construction Show. [3] The host and independent consultant at Mass Construction Consultants, Inc., Joe Kelly, introduces detailed discussions on real estate, code, construction professionals, modular construction, and the impact building materials have on the environment and health.

The Contech Crew

Get weekly updates on the latest technologies influencing the construction industry today with The Contech Crew. [4] The hosts geek out on not only technology but current events and the latest trends in the industry as well. The podcast is sponsored by College Station, Texas-based IT solutions provider JB Knowledge.

The Construction Management Podcast

Whether you’re a rookie looking into high paying construction jobs or a veteran in the industry, everyone can benefit from listening to The Construction Management Podcast. [5] Hosts Damien Edwards and Jason Shipe share their knowledge and ideas to help construction management professionals further their career. Special guests join each episode to talk about the complexity of construction management and how to get ahead.


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