onsite safety manager

With an ever-changing skyline, there’s no shortage of construction projects in New York City. Large construction sites are required to have an on site safety manager, and this type of job can pay well. Indeed job search reports an average income of $93,000 for on site safety managers, with many construction employees vying for this title. At The Safety Group Ltd., we smooth the process to obtaining or maintaining licensing as an on site construction safety manager. We offer OSHA training, NYC DOB training, and more, covering all the bases of education.


Becoming an On Site Safety Manager

When it comes to becoming a safety manager, experience is key. While some colleges offer undergraduate degrees in construction safety management, experience goes much further. Many jobs require experience of up to ten years. Additionally, the NYC DOB requires:

  • 40-60 Hours of OSHA Training
  • Annual Site Safety Refresher Courses
  • Site Safety Manager Training
  • A Passing Score on the Site Safety Manager’s Test

Our construction safety group offers these and many other training courses for the field of on site safety management to help prospective site safety managers achieve the licensing necessary for the job.


Responsibilities of an On Site Safety Manager

On site construction safety mangers are responsible for the safe and accident-free operation of their site. This includes identifying any potential safety hazards and implementing plans to prevent these dangers. On site safety managers must also conduct emergency response drills, educate workers on proper safety protocol, and ensure all site workers are wearing the right safety gear.


An on site safety manager is the first line of defense against dangerous construction site situations. As a safety manager, you will ensure that your site is safe through proactive approaches. The right training makes all the difference in the ease of this position. Contact our team at The Safety Group Ltd. to learn more about the training programs offered by our construction safety group.