emergency action plan for hurrican season

OSHA has specific requirements for jobsite safety, including the development of site-specific emergency action plans. Hurricane action plans are a specific subset of emergency action plans, and these types of plans have become increasingly popular in the area following superstorms such as Hurricane Sandy.

2012’s Hurricane Sandy caused over $65 billion in damage, and much of this damage was caused by high winds and flooding. High winds and flooding can be especially dangerous for construction sites, so safety plans are key to ensure that sites understand how to respond to dangers. Our construction safety consulting services at The Safety Group Ltd. can help ensure your site is prepared this hurricane season.


What to Include in a Hurricane Action Plan

All construction sites, no matter the size, need an emergency action plan for hurricane season. At The Safety Group Ltd., we offer safety management services in New York for sites of all sizes. Our services include hurricane safety planning. We also offer general emergency safety training and construction safety consulting.

A hurricane action plan should be formulated well before hurricane season begins. It should include many safety plans, such as:

  • Emergency Evacuation Plans
  • Shutoff of Propane
  • Shutoff of Combustion Equipment
  • Shutoff of Electrical Tools
  • Designated Meeting Places (If Applicable)
  • Employee Notification Procedures
  • Rescue Duties
  • Securing of Loose Elements
  • Breakdown of Cranes
  • Breakdown or Securing of Scaffolding


Your on site safety manager should be able to develop and implement any necessary procedures for seamless hurricane action plan. Our professionals can help ease the process with safety planning and safety management services in New York.

Hurricane season is upon us, and now is the time to get proactive with your emergency preparedness. Don’t wait until the last minute to plan for your site and employee safety. Contact our team at The Safety Group Ltd. to see how we can assist with your emergency planning.