Hard hats lined up

The NYC Department of Buildings (DOB) has specific rules in regard to construction safety training. At The Safety Group, we provide training for construction professionals working on construction jobsites in New York City. Department of Buildings courses review DOB safety requirements as specified by Building Code Chapter 33. Through the United Safety Academy, our construction safety group offers various NYC Department of Buildings safety certification programs from our seasoned industry professionals at our training centers.

We are a DOB approved course provider and we offer concrete courses, cranes and derrick courses, safety courses, and scaffold courses. All site safety managers and site safety coordinators are required to successfully complete the necessary courses that their job entails. NYC DOB is always updating its requirements for safety certifications in New York City, so it’s vital to ensure that you’re up to date on all training requirements, including Local Law 196. You can count on our courses for your safety certifications in New York City.


Concrete Courses

Concrete safety manager and refresher courses are available through our construction safety group. Training includes a comprehensive review of Chapter 33 and the rules that pertain to requirements from the NYC DOB. During these courses, students will be exposed to the hazards of working in New York City as they learn the specific work practices required for concrete safety certifications. Learning the proper safety measures for your jobsite is vital for passing construction site safety inspections in New York.


Cranes and Derrick Courses


Operators, workers, and site safety managers are required to obtain certifications for cranes and derrick use. Our cranes and derrick courses include training for a mast climber user and operator, a rigging worker and supervisor, a master rigger, a climber/tower rigger crane, and a hoisting machine operator. All courses tackle DOB policies and regulations, as well as industry best practices. Our construction safety group teaches proper procedures for crane assembly/disassembly, crane inspection, crane operator communication, fall techniques, and accident prevention.


Safety Courses


All workers must obtain safety certifications, though the specific requirements vary from job to job. We offer more than construction safety consulting, we also offer safety courses such as OSHA classes. Our courses are ideal for workers, site safety managers, and more. We will provide education on proper safe job practices, and safety certifications in New York City to ensure your site meets all DOB requirements.

Our professional instructors, who are licensed Site Safety Managers, will discuss revisions to the building codes, show the necessary actions to perform to ensure public safety, teach accident prevention techniques, highlight the importance of maintaining logbooks, examine the roles of Site Safety Manager, Coordinator, and a Superintendent and much more.


Scaffold Courses


Scaffold users, installers, and removers can benefit from our scaffold courses. These courses cover the basic elements of supported scaffold safety and show students the nature of supported scaffold hazards. We also help supervisors maintain sufficient safety discipline on suspended scaffold projects in New York City. All federal and NYC DOB regulations are addressed and taught during these courses and all students will learn the procedures and practices that a scaffold requires.


Safety Training Experts


At The Safety Group, we pride ourselves on our commitment to teaching our students the best safety methods and procedures to increase protection in the construction workplace. All our training courses are in compliance with the DOB safety requirements in New York City and we offer a wide range of Department of Buildings courses. Contact The Safety Group today for more information on which safety certification programs we offer and how to get started.