skyscraper construction

At The Safety Group, we take construction risk mitigation seriously. Safety is in our name! We provide training, certifications, and construction safety consulting for your jobsite. Onsite safety managers, project managers, and construction companies can benefit from our construction safety consulting services.

A safe construction site doesn’t happen by accident. However, accidents, dangers, and site risks are always a threat. We aim to improve site safety, employee safety practices, and onsite safety manager performance through our construction safety consulting in New York and Philadelphia. Our services are the key to a safer, more productive, and less dangerous site.

When to Call a Construction Safety Consultant

A construction safety consultant can ensure that your site meets all city, county, state, and national safety requirements. This includes ensuring employees are properly trained on safety protocol, assessing site safety dangers, and developing implementable site safety plans. You should call a construction safety consultant from our team if your site is not up to local requirements, if you’re hiring new team members, or if you’re simply concerned about improving your site safety.

What Do Construction Safety Firms Do?

Our team at The Safety Group provides a multitude of services, including occupational safety consulting, site safety consulting, site safety tips, training, and more. Our professionals can:

  • Identify and mitigate potential site dangers
  • Keep workers up to date with latest training
  • Ensure that your site meets all laws and requirements
  • Train on site safety managers
  • Provide OSHA and environmental training
  • Develop site safety plans
  • & More

At The Safety Group, we proudly provide construction safety consulting in New York to keep your site at its best. Following the completion of construction, we can help with the development of workplace safety protocol.

Benefits of Construction Safety Consulting Services

Many site managers attempt to take care of their safety requirements themselves, but this can prove difficult. Cities, states, and local governments are constantly changing their site safety requirements and training minimums. Keeping track of all the new rules, regulations, and laws can feel like a full-time job. Instead, allow our construction safety firm to handle everything for you. We’ll ensure that all sites are up to par, and that all workers are properly trained on the latest protocol.

Our safety consulting services can help:

  • Reduce injuries on the job
  • Reduce the likelihood of receiving fines from OSHA, DOB, and others
  • Reduce premiums for workers’ compensation
  • Increase profitability
  • Improve worker safety

If you’re ready to ensure that your site meets all requirements or expectations, you can call on our team at The Safety Group. We offer construction, worker, and occupational safety consulting for sites and businesses of all sizes. From construction risk mitigation to complete worker training, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn more!