Construction Safety Worker

With recent passing of the Construction Safety Act, new requirements have been enacted for the safety of construction sites throughout New York City. At The Safety Group, we offer construction safety inspections in New York to help sites meet the updated requirements of the NYC Dept of Buildings. A construction site safety plan alone is not enough to meet the updated safety requirements for construction projects. There are new training, licensing, and crane operation requirements.

New Worker Training Requirements

There are three phases to new site safety training requirements for NYC construction sites of varying stories. These new requirements fall under Local Law 196, which stipulates that the OSHA 10-hour course is now required for all workers on jobsites which are under 10 stories. By December 1 of 2018, all workers must also complete a minimum 30-hour OSHA training course to obtain their Limited Site Safety Card.

By May 1, 2019, workers must meet 40-55 hours of OSHA training to qualify for their Site Safety Training Card. This card indicates that employees have been fully trained in all aspects of construction site safety. These new safety training requirements are perhaps the biggest change regarding meeting the requirements of construction safety inspections in New York.

New Crane Requirements

There are been new requirements implemented with crane operation and safety protocol. Larger cranes, for example, are required to have wind measuring devices that provide real-time updates on wind speed. If winds exceed 30 mph, all crane operations must cease. If your cranes do not have these specific wind measuring devices, or if you do not have the proper team to safely operate the crane, you may face fines.

Assistance Meeting Inspection Requirements

At The Safety Group, we provide assistance in meeting all requirements for construction safety inspections in New York. We can assist with development of construction site safety plans, employee training, and much more. Contact us today to get started.