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Construction jobsites are full of potential dangers, and mitigating the potential for risk can save lives. At The Safety Group, we are professionals when it comes to protecting construction site safety. We provide training, certifications, and construction site safety management in New York and Philadelphia. Here are common jobsite dangers and steps to take in mitigating these dangers.

Common Construction Site Dangers

There are many different construction site dangers, and mitigating dangers is a responsibility of your construction site safety manager. Site safety mangers are required to develop a construction site safety plan, which is made much easier with NYC and Philadelphia safety training.

Though your site safety manager should be on top of any potential dangers, it’s important to work with safety in mind. Here are some common construction site dangers:

  • Electrical – Exposed wires, overloaded circuits, and damaged tools can all create potentially disastrous situations. You can prevent electrical dangers by inspecting all tools before using them and following proper protocol for electrical use.
  • Surface hazards – Wet surfaces, uneven surfaces, and surfaces crisscrossed with electrical wires or tools are all common jobsite dangers. You can improve construction site safety by checking your footing and clearing up any debris from walking areas.
  • Dust – Dust is an incredibly pervasive jobsite danger that can cause long-term damage. When working with dust, make sure to wear proper protective gear and plan for proper clearing of the particles.

These are common jobsite safety dangers that can be avoided with proper planning. For assistance in creating a construction site safety plan, for construction safety manager training, and for construction safety management, call on our team at The Safety Group. Our construction safety group can provide all necessary training and assistance to keep your site at its best.


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