Light bulb thought bubble. Looking for a light bulb thought when it comes to OSHA certification? There are many certification programs.

OSHA certifications are required for construction sites nationwide. States and cities have varying requirements in terms of who is required to obtain OSHA certification, and which certification they must obtain. At The Safety Group, we offer construction safety consulting and training. Our construction safety group highlights the different requirements for OSHA training in NYC and Philadelphia.

Requirements for Construction Safety Training in NYC

In 2017, New York City’s Local Law 196 was updated, increasing the requirements of most contractors, supervisors, managers, and workers on construction sites. Virtually all workers need construction safety training in NYC, including OSHA training courses. Specifically, the requirements say that:

  • Workers at qualifying job sites must receive 40 hours of safety training
  • Supervisors at qualifying sites must receive 62 hours of safety training

While workers at smaller job sites, such as minor alterations or the construction of family homes for less than four families, do not need to meet these requirements, most others do. This includes OSHA training courses, which we offer as a part of our construction safety training in NYC.

Requirements for Construction Safety Training in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, the requirements differ than those in New York. While OSHA courses are also required, the course type varies. Additionally, the qualifications for the requirement of construction safety training in Philadelphia are different. Specifically, the Department of Licenses and Inspections regulations requires that:

  • All workers on construction or demolition sites complete OSHA 10-Hour course
  • All licensed contractors, with specific exclusions, complete an OSHA 30-Hour course
  • Site safety managers complete an OSHA 30-Hour course

Our training professionals at The Safety Group offer these, and many other OSHA courses, for complete construction safety training in Philadelphia. We also offer construction safety consulting for sites requiring personalized safety solutions.