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Choosing an OSHA Certification

Light bulb thought bubble. Looking for a light bulb thought when it comes to OSHA certification? There are many certification programs.

OSHA certifications are required for construction sites nationwide. States and cities have varying requirements in terms of who is required to obtain OSHA certification, and which certification they must obtain. At The Safety Group, we offer construction safety consulting and training. Our construction safety group highlights the different requirements for OSHA training in NYC and…

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What Does a Construction Site Safety Manager Do?

Glass windowed building. A construction site safety manager helps ensure buildings are safe during construction.

Construction sites aren’t exactly safe in terms of injury risks. Heavy equipment, precarious settings, and physically demanding work can all make construction sites a safety nightmare. A construction site safety manager is like a safety superhero, working to ensure construction site safety through foresight, planning, and implementation. A construction site safety manager is a highly…

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Are Environmental Classes Required?

Smoke stacks from a production facility. Develop your environmental program today.

Environmental classes seem like a nuisance, but they’re a requirement for many projects. The EPA, DOL, and DEP all have their own requirements for environmental classes. Generally, environmental classes are required for employees working with environmental permits. These permits and training requirements are designed to help ensure as small of an environmental impact as possible.…

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Meeting New NYC Training Requirements for Workers

construction training requirements

We’re past the halfway point of 2018, which means one important thing for construction employees: training certifications. 2017’s Local Law 196 has brought new requirements for building construction workers on large construction projects throughout the city. For 2018, this means that all workers must have 10 hours of OSHA safety training. In 2019, this requirement…

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Which NYC Dept. of Building Courses Should I Take?

dept of building courses

The NYC Department of Buildings has specific requirements for the training and certification of all workers within the construction field. Local Law 196 sets forth new safety training requirements for all employees at any large construction project. This new law includes the required completion of safety certification programs in New York, with a specific focus…

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Online or In-Person Safety Certification Programs in New York?

A student learns about online safety training. The Safety Group offers a variety of safety courses and certifications.

As of March 1, 2018, the majority of construction workers within New York City are required to have 10 hours of OSHA safety training. By 2019, the requirement will jump to a minimum of 40 hours of safety training. Many construction professionals and companies are ready to implement these new certification changes now. There are…

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The Importance of Hard Hats and Helmets

As one of the most resilient pieces of personal protective equipment on a construction site, hard hats save many lives in the workplace every single day. The professionals at The Safety Group, construction safety consulting in New York, share information regarding the importance of hard hats and helmets in the workplace below. The Importance of…

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In-Person OSHA Safety Training Benefits

In-Persona OSHA Safety Training Benefits Established in 1971, OSHA works to keep workers safe in a wide variety of settings. At The Safety Group LTD, we offer safety training and safety certification programs in New York, including in-person OSHA safety training. There are several ways to undergo OSHA training, but in-person training offers considerable benefits…

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Which Training Courses to Take for the General Workforce

Training Courses

There are many professionals that are required to enroll in safety certification programs for their job. Different industries involve and require their employees to complete programs that ensure safety in the respective field of work. The Safety Group Ltd. offers a training division that specializes in providing health and safety certification programs to reduce occupational errors and…

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